The Guild


Blog 7.  (thanks for dealing with all these.)

First thing. The mic. There is a reason why gamers use a key to toggle their mic. You do not want to hear people all the time. I find that people will only use the mic button when they are in ‘neutral’ I believe that there are many emotions that players can experience while playing MMO games like The Game. (the game played in The Guild) These emotions fall into win, neutral, and rage. See my attached photo for a visualization of each.

The guild is a low budget, cult style show. There is nothing fancy about the shoe string budget. However, you can tell that somewhere along the line at least one person has played more than the healthy amount of MMO’s. With lines like “this hat gives me plus 5 ‘sextarity’” it is obvious that someone who makes decisions has the mind of a young adult.
That being said, I can see/relate to most things inside the game. I have been into MMO’s since grade school and have seen every type of gamer displayed in that show. The no-jobs who spend all their time organizing in game content like guilds because they can not control their lives outside. The parental-lockdowns, who can only escape the clutches of their mothers by entering the alternate dimensions of a virtual world.

Obviously some things in the show are for film purposes. I have never met any of my guild members in person. Voice chat, either in game or using an outside program like Vent automatically brings players more into the game. It is more intimate and literally points a voice the the avatar. The first meet of the characters in the guild was very humorous because I could see that actually happening. Everyone is looking for a replica of the in game character in the restaurant. Yet for the most part their avatars represented ‘ideals’ of the player. In my guild everyone is known by their characters names. Even though some people know each others first names they are still identified by their main toons name.


The in  game screenshot translates into. (bottom photos and meme I do not own or have rights to)   The middle one is the only state of mind where players can actually/properly use chat.



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