How to make a gamer.


Blog 6.

In class we have gone over three personality types. In this blog I would like to expand to make it 8.

The Joker – A player who revolves around some kind of nonsense, this is often in contradiction to game rules or social norms. These people can be refered to as trolls and are often the ones to utilize game glitches. They brake social and game norms for fun and pleasure often interfering with other gamers play.

Kinesthete – A person who likes the movement of the game/ its character a good example of this would be the game Flower

Explorer – A person who explores the virtual world. See all the viewpoints, open up all maps and wander endlessly. This is often associated with wanderlust.

Competitor – A player who plays to win. Best of the best in all aspects of the game and is not satisfied until this need is met.  The bottom photo is an example of this.  This is my current build.  I am a max level character with a decently high ilevel (item level, the score of your gear) and am continuing to raise it.  It also shows my achievements.  Considering I have only been playing since I started this blog (a few months now) this is a pretty good build so far.

Director – Someone who enjoys planning and executing scenes and events. This style of player often plays RTS games like Starcraft.

Collector – The thrill of collecting. To have and hold the most, best, items.

Artist/creator – The thrill of making things. This can be found in most MMO’s as crafting or even quest/object design.
Storyteller – The imagination is the key to play. This type of player is often seen in Role Playing games



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