Blog 5.

A cake can easily be related to the OSI model. Certain steps must be made to make a friggin food cake. Just like certain steps must be made to make a friggin good virtual thing.

To make a cake you need directions, to make a virtual document you need the OSI model.
So, to start your cake you need all that good stuff like the ingredients, materials, and directions/ know how. These steps could be layers 1-5 in the OSI model.

How to make your ingredients into the cake.

Take ingredients, mix it together. Bake.
This is like layer 6 in the OSI model. Take all that good stuff that the average person has no understanding of (scripts etc.) and create nice tidy displays for them.


Okay you got your cake all baked n’stuff. Now it’s the fun part.

Take that wonderful cake base of vanilla, chocolate, ice cream, or whatever you fancy and dress that shit up.

This could be considered layer 7 in the OSI model. You have your base “cake” and now you are making it look all pretty with links, buttons, colours, and visuals (toppings, icing, candles)  This would be the creation of many primitive functions that are built and finalized in layer 8.


Now the best part.

Put that cake down, get a glass/can of whatever you like and eat.

This represents layer 8, the final form. People can now use the virtual document.  The attached photo (non-meme) is a prime example of this.  There are a lot of background functions going on but the layer 8 (final shown ‘surface’ visual) shows an organized, united design that is easy to navigate and understand.  It tames the script beast.


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