Information Traveling in Virtual Worlds.

Blog comp information travel.Figure 1

wow info travel.Figure 2

Information travels.  No matter where you are, or what you are doing you are both directly and indirectly interacting with the environment around you.  A virtual world, is a perfect example of this.  The example that will be used is World of Warcraft.  A VW (virtual world) is a prime example because the interactions between not just the user, but objects within the world are much more apparent and multi leveled.  There are the seen, and the unseen. The things you directly interact with and the things that are interacted in proximity, or as a chain to other things.  The two photos in this post are great example of things that are directly changeable by the user/users.

Figure 1:

This is a photo of my computer, there are arrows pointing to and from objects within the photo.  These represent the ways information travels.
Technology based, these things are not directly effected by the user.  Instead they are linked to the computer, which is in turn linked to the internet.  This is how the information travels, and the information flows both ways between the tower and its accessories.
These paths lead to a chair, unfortunately. I am not the best with selflies, so instead the chair represents the user.  These are things that the user interacts with.  Everything goes both ways, for example clicking on the mouse directly changes something on screen (information out) and the button moves, and makes a noise (information return) allowing the user to physically know that they have clicked.

Figure 2:

This photo is a screenshot of in game content in World of Warcraft.  I have put a red box and things that are of the biggest effect to the user.  The boxes represent information display, and a display is a form of traveling.  A health bar for example (top left) a full green bar  represents full health, however, if the user went into combat they would have the opportunity to directly change that bar.  A change the health bar, Like a reduction of size, indicates to the player (info travel) that they are not at full health.  Each box represents a form of information travel.


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