Information Production


You are constantly creating information, and the same applied to your virtual world.
Two perfect examples would be the two text boxes in the above photo.  The left, is a chat box.  The right, is an action box.

Chat box.
The box on the bottom left of the screen. This is where players may type to interact with other characters.  There are many channels or information production and distribution here.  I can write something for everyone to see by entering the key sequence (longhand) /say, I could yell something by inputting /yell, I can whisper to someone so that no one else sees it by keying /whisper, I can talk to my guild by typing /guild, Party or Instance with /party.  These codes alone produce information, and the information is displayed to me in the chat box.  Many codes have separate colours that define them or sounds that are associated with the alert of a new message.  Interacting with the game, and the people within it is information production on a very basic visible level.

Action box
Box on the bottom right of the screen.  This is not so visible,  character actions like doing/taking damage, healing , and other in combat as well as out of combat texts appear here.  If you were playing pen and paper games this is what you would see.  These are direct actions from the character, other sprites both player and NPC.  These are all done behind the scenes in this virtual world.  Doing damage is signified by you swinging a sword, casting a spell, and a red number comes up near the target.  This is a great form of information production that is not usually looked at as it operates behind the image.


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