Blog 1, Getting Started

The three steps to game play.

Opening the game: (first screenshot)  This can change depending on how nerdy the user is.  A true nerd will have the shortcut WoW icon on their desktop, brandishing their badge of honor.  Hidden nerds and people that play WoW for a class will have it tucked away and out of sight.  Once this is opened, the game scripts start.

Sign in: (second screenshot) The first gateway to the game is the sign in page.  The user has minimal choices at this stage.  Clearly marked and displayed are the two sign in areas, the top for your username, the bottom for your password.  There are other options here that allow your to customize your experience with the game and this menu.

Character Select: (third screenshot) POW you are almost there.  A couple clicks away from facerolling both real and metaphorical online trolls. But first.  The selection of your instrument of destruction. You may choose a character that already exists or if you want a different flavor you may make a new character (avatar)  you may choose between the available races and their corresponding class types.  Feeling spicy? Try a shaman.  Feeling like a big ol’steak maybe try a warrior. Maybe food is not your thing, that is cool, try a brewmaster monk!  After your taste palette is satisfied you have finished the last hurdle for entering the game.

Now get out there and win stuff. (fourth screen shot, although I am not winning :[ )

Screenshot (9) Sign in Select PLAY






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